Dear Developers, Stay Passionate – Stay Motivated

Dear Developers, Stay Passionate – Stay Motivated

IT is a unique Industry where a person’s job becomes such a large part of their own lifestyle.

For us — web designers, web developers, UI/UX designers and the like — it’s not uncommon to do something Web-related when we’re off the clock.

Working within the Web is most certainly a lifestyle choice, and all this time spent in our working environment can affect our passion and motivation for it. But, at the same time, it’s also our passion and motivation that drives us to spend so much time in it. However, too much of anything isn’t good.

Don’t Just Learn To Code, Learn To Create | Justin Richards | TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC (Must Listen)

Here I’m sharing something with you, these things might help maintain and reignite your passion:

You Should Try New Tools and Techniques:

At times, it can feel like your next project is no different from the last. It’s just the same code with a new lick of paint. If this is the case, why not trying something new?

On the Web, there are always tons of new things to try. Between HTML, CSS, designing for mobile devices, responsive design and so on, there are lots of new tools and techniques you can try out in your projects. By adding something new that you’ve never tried before, you place something challenging within the project that differentiates it from the previous ones.

The challenge will not only continue to hold your interest but also give you practical experience.

Start a Personal Project

If you work full time for a web design agency, you probably have little influence on the office projects. This can get a little frustrating if these projects don’t give you the opportunity to expand your expertise, cultivate your passion for the work or if they make you feel unmotivated because they are repetitive.

If this gets you down, try to look for a personal project to work on in your own time that you can really feel passionate about.

Here are some ideas:

  • Build an app for mobile devices;
  • Design your own font;
  • Create and share freebies;
  • Create or expand your blog;
  • Contribute tutorials and articles on design-related sites.

SSwitch-ItUp and Do Something Different

As for me, I’m easily bored and distracted. So when it comes to working on a large project, it can be difficult to get through the whole thing without wishing it was finished already.

If this is your case, my advice is to change focus onto something else. It will not only improve your state of mind but also ensure a project does not suffer from being rushed as you try to get it finished as quickly as possible.

Also when starting a project, try to avoid doing all the fun stuff at the start. Mix it in with some of the more common activities so there’s always something fun left to move on to. Or you can use these fun activities as a sort of reward system.

Attend Conferences

I can almost guarantee you that at least one speaker at a conference will present something new to you or give you a new perspective on something that will have you wanting to adopt the same in your own work process.

In fact, you’ll feel like you can’t get back to work fast enough to try out the new things you’ve learned. Honest!

But conferences aren’t all about learning. There’s the networking, the socialization element and the enjoyment of being able to speak to other Web geeks. This can further motivate you in your work, and make you remember why what you’re doing is awesome.

Go to Meet-ups

Conferences are expensive, especially when you have to go out of pocket. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to attend a conference, you could consider spending an evening with like-minded people at one of the numerous meet-ups that are held around the world.

Much like a conference, there may be speakers to inspire you and other geeks to chat with.


In my opinion, becoming better and widening our knowledge is a critical requirement of the job. You cannot simply enter a job as a web designer and expect to sail through your career with the same knowledge that you had at the start. The process of learning about web design not only gives you something to do if your daily tasks are a little dull, but it also gives you something to potentially use in your projects.

Become a Specialist

You may currently be working in somewhat of a generalist role, but within this, you’re probably also undertaking tasks that you might not be all that passionate about. You may be a web designer that also codes — which, of course, is a great thing — but you might be coding more than designing and would rather move into a more specialist role as just a designer working within a graphics application.

By specializing you can remove some of the tasks you are less interested in and thus spend more time doing the work that you are really passionate about.

Become a Generalist

Specialists are great. But if being a specialist feels constricting and you want to learn about some of the areas that you have less experience in, then move to become a web generalist and find that passion in all the areas you’ve yet to explore.

Both specialists and generalist are important to the industry. Choosing which you are is a personal choice and will ensure you enjoy your job more.

Take a Break

Web designers have to be the most wired-in people in the world because we’re exposed to the Internet more than most professions. Thus, our work is constantly within an arm’s reach.

And many of us work even when on a holiday. But taking a holiday and disconnecting for even a short time can re-energize you so that you are better able to tackle the stresses of your daily life when you return.

If you start to feel low while at work, take a break and come back refreshed and motivated and thus more productive.

Work for Another Company

If staying with a company is no longer challenging or negatively affecting your passion for your craft, then finding another company to provide you what you seek is the best next step.

In this current economic climate, this is a very risky proposition. It’s certainly a big step and a decision not to be taken lightly. However, in some situations, it may be the only choice.

Is Web Design For You?

If getting out of bed and going to work is becoming an ever-increasing challenge, then hopefully, one of the above suggestions will help reignite your passion in your craft.

But if none of them seem like they’re for you, then you should look within yourself and ask if being a web designer is what you really want to do.

Like all jobs, there are those of us who are a perfect fit for this profession and lifestyle, and others who aren’t.

It’s always been my opinion that if we have to spend so much of our life at work, then we have to do something we love, something we’re passionate about and in an environment we feel comfortable in.

Life is simply too short to be stuck somewhere that makes you miserable.