Meet the ForeanTechies : Kamil Ansari, Web Developer (Foreantech)

Meet the ForeanTechies : Kamil Ansari, Web Developer (Foreantech)

Meet Kamil Ansari, the Web Developer (Geek) of Foreantech. To find out about what makes him tick, read our short Q&A with him below.

Name: Kamil Ansari
Age: 23
Job Title: Web developer


Before work, you’ll find me…    
Before work, you’ll find me… in bed being a lazy person and waiting for the 8.00am so that I could get ready on the
time for office 😛

I’m responsible for… 
I’m responsible for… being KAMIL ANSARI.

I got into Web Development because… 
To be very frank …I was looking for testing profile…coz I doubted myself that can I be a good developer or not!…coz I
heard so much from the developers that it is hectic (coding things) job… Hard to implement or execute ideas into a Code to the real world!
But today is just a 3rd day of this designation and I am Proud of myself that I can create my own webpage… actually, I am
playing with code…& coming ideas in my mind.

and I won’t regret being Web Developer today!

Thankyou Foreantech to give this believe in myself.

My favorite part of my job is… 
My favourite part of my job is… Web developer as a profession and as A Passion a Poet / Shayar..:P

The best thing about working at Foreantech is… 
The best thing about working at Foreantech is… a platform where you won’t feel an employer feel…you actually feel you are
working for your Own,  day by day learning new skills and it wakes me up every morning with a new skill in me!

My least favourite part of the job is… 
not yet found
After work, you’ll find me…
After work, you’ll find me…  a passionate Developer with Passionate Shayar 😉